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  • Vashti on Band Mate
Location Lincolnshire
User Type Musician
Sex Female
Band/Artist Name Vashti
Description I currently write and perform songs as an acoustic solo artist but I am looking to branch out and either join a band or start a band. Currently my style is folk/indie, but I would like to explore other styles and genres. I am predominantly a vocalist, but I can also play guitar and keys, as well as clarinet. Although I accept that sometimes covers may be suitable for certain gigs, I would rather write and perform original music. I intend to have a career in the music industry in the future, as a performer and producer and I am very passionate about music. However, I do want to be able to have a laugh and have fun, music should be felt and experienced, not forced :)
Instruments Played
Influences As a solo artist, my influences are mainly other solo artists and musicians of a similar genre. I actually begain playing and singing because of my mum's inspiration. I have however been compared to Amy MacDonald, Alanis Morisette and KT Tunstall. Personally I don't know whether I sound like those but I can see where people are coming from, being that I'm a female singer/guitarist. However, I would like to focus on more upbeat music and different styles. Maybe Paramore-esque, or something a little more electronic and chilled like Alt-J. My favourite bands/artists are Canterbury, Imagine Dragons, Amanda Palmer and Alt-J, so if there's any way of incorporating any of their styles, I'd love to explore that!
Equipment List Tanglewood 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Fender 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Vintage vsa555 Semi-Acoustic Guitar, Fender 5 String Banjo, Tanglewood 5 String Banjo, Keyboard, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Marshall Electric Amp, Acoustic Amp, Hella lotta leads, Shure sm58 mic, another Shure mic...
Joined 31 Aug 2013
TagsSinger, Vocalist, Guitarist, Indie, Female
Contact info No additional contact info provided.
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