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Random Profiles

Description: Hey what's up. My name's Leo and Im a 21 y/o student looking to get some material out there. Im mainly interested in having a go at vocals (small experience, but im still up for creating my own art regardless. I've been told I've got a not-bad voice and I can comfortably sing along to all sorts of genres - indie, melodic metal vocals, acoustic, etc). I dabble on guitar, and if I was to produce my own stuff on guitar it'd have to be part of an acoustic project. My main strength is in composition, which seems flow naturally once I've got an idea for my lyrics, and my actual lyric-writing process. I don't put pen to paper unless I have genuine sense of passion for the issue I am discussing, I'll be truthfully honest, I can get emotionally touched when it comes to meaningful lyrics and music, so I'm looking to get involved with guys/gals of a similar passion! So if you're local, and it sounds like I might fit the bill and you wanna give me a shot by all means hit me up, I'll get back to you pronto and we can go melt peoples' faces with my emotion and your talent. Leggo!
Location: Essex
TagsVocalist, Acoustic, Groove, Djent, Melodic
Description: bass player looking to join/form a band
Location: Kenilworth
Tagsindie, pop, soul, funk
Description: I'm a 19 year old Lead/Rhythm Guitarist looking for a dedicated band to join. I have some experience gigging and recording but look forward to gaining more in the future. I'm up for originals and/or covers, just as long as we're doing gigs! I'm interested in any genres but preferable Indie Rock/Rock... Metal or Blues sounds good to me too! Contact me on: 07562952188 Or: [email protected]
Location: Peterborough
Description: Hi My names Martin and I'm a singer/ song writer and music is my passion. I play guitar but not tight. I'm looking to either join a band as vocalist and implement some off my own songs (also I love doing covers) or just a jam to create some beautiful music. My styles are pop, country, r n b and soft rock. I'm very open to ideas and just love doing our magic with the music. If I interest you please let me know.
Location: Peterborough
Description: Worthless Motivation is a four piece rock/punk/metal band from Sheffield. Right now the band is currently covering a variety of songs in order to find their own unique sound. The band has plans to tour and play shows, The band will be playing a series of gigs after which will then go on to write original content. The band currently consists of Tom Crump (vocals/temp bassist) Gabby Moore (Drummer) Matt Hague (lead guitarist).
Location: South Yorkshire
TagsMetal, Punk, Rock, Heavy