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Description: Established Sheffield metal band ‘Jackson caged’ seeks Bass/ backing Vocals( both screams & harmonies). Ideally we are looking for someone youngish with a metal/ rock image who can bring something new, exciting & give 110 % to a already buzzing band ! To hear the sound and what you will be expected to learn and play live - search Jackson Caged on Soundcloud. Also take a look at the videos we have on Youtube again by searching Jackson caged- you can give us a like on Facebook while your at it You will notice there’s a degree of technicality & tricky timing here & there so competency is a must. Also owning a decent Bass rig is pretty essential for big shows. If you think you are up for the job, have good commitment & want to join the JC team please do get in touch. Any other questions or info, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to JC ......
Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire S35 8NL, UK
Distance: 0 miles from you
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Posted: 5 years ago by Jacksoncaged
TagsMetal, bass, backing, vocal, screem
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