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Random Profiles

Description: Looking for a drummer and bassist who can share my vision of becoming a successful band and who will be up for touring over the coming years. Pref under 30 y/o, owns own equipment and maybe provide a bit of backing vocals. If interested send me a reply and I will send you the demo I am releasing within two weeks which has been compared to 70's rock and 90's indie. Hear it for yourself! Cheers!
Location: Birmingham
Description: Seeking to join or start band, Play guitar, mainly rythum with some lead, Have acoustic, acoustic amp, 2 stratocasters, fender tube amp and selection of pedals,, mics,, Also vocalist,, open to many styles of music except metal,,,
Location: Fraserburgh
Description: Now 22, I've been heavily interested in music for as long as i can remember, being brought up listening to all sorts of music genres from rock n' roll from my dad to pop and old time classics from my mum. I started playing various different instrument while in middle school until i finally settled playing guitar after being given one for a birthday present before starting high school. After joining a music course in college i discovers that there is a severe lack of bassists around and after playing bass for a couple of pieces in college i decided to take up bass as a full time instrument.
Location: Norwich
Tagsbassist, guitarist, rock, metal
Description: Hi, Looking for collaborators to make reverb drenched loud music. I have been playing in bands since I was 18, initially as a bassist before moving to synths/keys and now guitar. I'm a competent player, but more interested in having fun and enjoying playing music. I have a lot of music written already.
Location: Kent
Description: I'm Luke, I'm 14. I've played bass for a couple years now, but never been in a band or played at a gig. Interested in being in a band similar to Blink 182, Green Day etc.
Location: South Lanarkshire