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Description: I am looking for a few brass amateur players to create a brass section/band to rehearse and develop intrument and playing skills. I am based in Kentish town and I don't mind moving around to find a nice rehearsal space. I have been playing the saxophone only for 4 months although I feel that i could have some great fun ... Read more
Location: London
Views: 301
Posted: 4 years ago by santiwais
Tagsfunk, jazz, brass, sax, trumpet
Description: I am putting together a 5 piece Brass Quintet band to go out gigging at Cities and Towns Across the UK and Eventually touring abroad. We want to Spontaneously Burst into a city street and start playing as well as hiring ourselves to Events and Festivals we will also be getting booked into a Studio to make a CD to sell! Play... Read more
Location: Blaenau Gwent
Views: 385
Posted: 6 years ago by Cymru-5
TagsBrass, Classical, Pop, Rock, Quintet
Description: I've been writing some stuff recently which largely involves fusing metal/rock with brass/RnB/Randomness. But to help me bring these ideas to fruition I need other musicians. So any singers both clean and heavy, screamers, guitarists, bassists, keys/synth players, strings players, horn players out there who are up for a col... Read more
Location: London
Views: 506
Posted: 7 years ago by TheBigCollaboration
Tagsmetal, brass, nola, musicians, singers