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Description: Classically trained, but i enjoy to make all music. Im a singer that has experience singing all genres. Grade 8 Flute Player Self taught pianist.
Location: Westbury
TagsClassical, Flautist, Indie, Rock, Singer

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Description: I am putting together a 5 piece Brass Quintet band to go out gigging at Cities and Towns Across the UK and Eventually touring abroad. We want to Spontaneously Burst into a city street and start playing as well as hiring ourselves to Events and Festivals we will also be getting booked into a Studio to make a CD to sell! Play... Read more
Location: Blaenau Gwent
Views: 308
Posted: 5 years ago by Cymru-5
TagsBrass, Classical, Pop, Rock, Quintet
Description: Hello! My name is Hannah and i am a second year at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music. I require a vocalist that has only been trained classically, to take part in a project for one of my modules. I am hoping to be able to analyse musical characteristics between singers that have been trained in different backgrounds... Read more
Location: City of Bristol
Views: 433
Posted: 6 years ago by hscou
Tagsclassical, project, singer