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Description: Hey I'm a guitarist and I've been playing for almost ten years but I'm certainly not skilled enough to seem like it! I'm looking to get together with people who would be interested in playing some loud, heavy doom. I'm thinking stuff like Bong and Sunn O))) - So big, slow psychedelic fuzzy drone. Don't necessaril... Read more
Location: South Shields
TagsMetal, doom, drone, fuzz

Here are the 3 results that match your search criteria.

Description: Looking for people who also enjoy slow, heavy, fuzzed out doom and drone who would like to play music together. Any instruments welcome if you think it'll work! Influences include Bong, Sunn O))), Year of No Light
Location: South Shields
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Posted: 1 week ago by sunbather
TagsGuitarist, metal, doom, drone
Description: 33yr old guitarist looking to get playing again. Previous touring and recording experience. Up for anything really, see influences.
Location: Belper
Views: 95
Posted: 1 year ago by ghume
TagsAmericana, Rock, Drone, Acoustic
Description: Hi all, I'm Samy, I play drums and i am looking to join / form a band in the prog / post / drone rock style. My favourite acts include Tool, Oceansize, Karnivool, Town Portal, The Mayan Factor, Parhelia, Tides of Nebula, Meniscus. I'm looking to lay drums on atmospheric, progressive, hypnotic tracks, could be instrumenta... Read more
Location: Hertfordshire
Views: 342
Posted: 4 years ago by iClarke
TagsPost, rock, Drone, Prog, Tool