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Undisclosed Available
Description: I am a drum enthusiast who has been playing for a couple of years, never gigged but Want to join a few guys to jam along with and get some experience in the Kent area,can travel
Location: Ashford, Kent TN24, UK
Joined: 21st Jan 2016
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Location: Holt Cl, Ashford TN23 5HZ, UK
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Musician Wanted
Description: Rock n Roll ain't no riddle man... To us it makes good good sense!!! We are two rock n roll/heavy rock guitarists who are based in Ashford, Kent. We write our own stuff, sing and play some covers too. We want our music to be heard! We need a drummer and a bassist (preferably near by) to join us, so we can form a band and make music people like us want to hear.
Location: Holt Cl, Ashford TN23 5HZ, UK
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Posted: 3 months ago by JessGerber
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