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Description: I have played the acoustic guitar on and off for my whole life. I have reached a point where I've decided to take it a little more seriously. Looking to start or join a band that can have some fun playing cover music and maybe write some stuff too. Also to practice and play around a few pubs for enjoyment and to earn a litt... Read more
Location: Cheshire East
Description: I have been playing guitar for over four years now (I'd say I'd only got "good" in the past half year though). I have developed a fairly unique combination of funk based, folk inspired, hard rock fingerpicking with lots of technical skills like that you'd find in Matt Bellamy, Tom Morello and Jack White (helped by my three ... Read more
Location: Sandbach
TagsRock, Punk, Grunge, Pop, Space

Here is the 1 result that is within Sandbach, Cheshire

Description: Hi my name is James or Kimber if you prefer. I am the founder and only remaining member of the experimental rock band The Dandy Highwaymen (named after the lyric from Adam Ant Stand and Deliver). Since I am the only member at current due to the rest of the band dropping out due to lack of commitment the route of the ba... Read more
Location: Sandbach
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Posted: 4 years ago by JKimber
TagsRock, Spack, Rock, Funk, Metal