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Description: I am 67 and live in Glossop, Derbyshire. I have been around for a while now playing in various bands. Now I am looking to play the music I played when I first started in the 60's, namely songs by Cliff Richard circa 50's - 80's. So I am hoping to get together with one or two people - male or female, any age - who can play a... Read more
Location: Glossop
Tags60's, 70's, Acoustic, Cliff
Description: Synthetic Lifeforms are an Industrial project consisting of two multi instrumentalists who are in need of a singer, age between 18-30, must be able to give a good performance on stage and decent voice so no time wasters please, inbox me if you’re interested.
Location: Gillingham
Description: I am a big fan of punk rock and have a history of playing in bands. I currently DJ dark electro and produce under the moniker Nexus 23 (and also occasionally the Pilly Idol Project for my techno music). I live in Kilburn, London, in the Camden area. I am 36 years old.
Location: London
TagsProducer, DJ, Bass, Player, Electro
Description: We make a lot of music to the sound of whatever we want, ranging from dark wave, blues, hard rock, prog, art rock, jazz, swamp, punk, post punk
Location: Oxford
TagsArt, rock

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Description: We are looking for a wild rock / blues / metal / synth keyboardist for our group, Shaven Primates, that just does what they want and is ready to record your part now in the fully fledged studio we just built. Examples of recent recordings are available on request! Please apply within.
Location: Oxford
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Posted: 8 months ago by shavenprimates
TagsRock, blues, dark, wave, post