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Description: I am a guitar player and iv been playing for several years , mostly a lead guitar , do some R guitar as well. Love metal and rock Motorhead is my favourite
Location: London
Tagsmetal, guitar, rock, , thrash
Description: After returning for their 10-year anniversary, Elimination are now back and looking to find a new, full time line-up to write new material and to start playing shows on a regular basis. We are looking for guitar players with the following criteria: - Must be committed and prepared to play live shows - willing to travel regularly to Ipswich for rehearsal/band meetings - own transport and equipment is essential - Must be over 18 - Must be willing to contribute creatively and financially - able to play lead and rhythm guitar If you feel you fit all the criteria above them contact us, via email, at [email protected] and we will be in touch. You can also check out Elimination at our Facebook:
Location: Ipswich
Description: Melodic/Technical Thrash Metal band. Looking for LEAD GUITARIST.
Location: Cannock
TagsThrash, Metal, Metal, Heavy, Metal
Description: Hi there, We are a metal outfit looking to recruit a drummer, with a view to expand the operation in the future. We're ready to nail down some tracks having written 5 bitch ass songs. So if you're a metal drummer and want to make a fuck tonne of noise get in touch. No pussies. Peace. P.S. I've got a car if you need a lift to and from practice. You can pay me back in coffee.
Location: Edinburgh
TagsDrummer, Metal, Thrash, Headbang
Description: i play guitar and have a closed minded way of thinking when it comes to music, my taste is best taste.
Location: Dorset
Tagsgrunge, thrash, speed, metal, blues

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Description: Established York/Leeds area extreme metal band seeking a new drummer. Own kit essential, own transport desirable. 18+ only. Visit for a better idea of what the material is like.
Location: The Vale, Skelton, York YO30 1YH, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by Yuma_Deathmace
Tagsmetal, thrash, death, drummer, Yorkshire
Description: We are Elyrean, a Melodic/Technical Thrash Metal band in search of a Lead Guitarist to complete our line-up. The potential guitarist would preferably be between 18-22, has their own gear (Leads, Amps, Pedals etc.) and also has a way to travel to the practise location. We practise once every weekend on a Sunday (but can be changed to Saturday) at our drummer's house, based in Rawnsley (which is just outside of Cannock). HOWEVER, if NECESSARY, we will be willing to pick up the member from their house. The skill-set of the guitarist should be that of a capable level, hence why we've stated a LEAD Guitarist. If you have only just started then we are not interested seeming as we've been playing our instruments for quite a few years now. You should be able to pull of some intense lead parts at fast speeds seeming as our songs require techniques such as Shredding, Sweep-Picking, String-Skipping, etc, for this is what we need. We have a DEMO song released for anyone interested to listen to. It is fairly rough and has few vocals but gives you an idea of what we play instrumentally. HERE IS THE LINK IF YOU'RE INTERESTED: So far, we have wrote multiple tracks for our debut E.P. What we offer to the potential future member is a chance to play demanding yet unique music to as many people as possible whilst helping the musician improve their skill-set in both writing and playing whilst they also do the same for the other members. Our EP's and LP's are always story driven however we are always open to input, both musically and thematically, from the other members to help create the best musical experience possible. If you are interested then please feel free to respond. We will then organise a day to 'audition' so that we can get to know each other, both in terms of writing/playing style and also as a person. This way then we can decide if you are the right fit and you can decide if this is what you want to do. Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!
Location: St David Cl, Hednesford, Cannock WS12 0FE, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by ElyreanThrash
TagsMetal, Thrash, Metal, Melodic, Death