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Location: Devon
Description: I am an experienced drummer looking for work with a local gigging band. Reliable drummer with many years of experience, including professional studio work. Proficient across multiple drumming styles. Will learn tracks quickly. I have my own equipment, including drum mics and amplification for larger gigs. I have participate... Read more
Location: Barnstaple
TagsDrummer, Drums, Rock, Covers

Here is the 1 result that is within Barnstaple, Devon

Description: A new band that has built up a setlist of around 15 songs. Our previous bass player left due to work commitments. We are expecting to be doing paid gigs by the summer. An ability to do backing vocals would be great too. We rehearse near Ilfracombe on Tuesday nights. Please contact Dave on 07446937713
Location: Devon
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Posted: 5 years ago by penguin_army
Tagsbass, rock, covers