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Location London
User Type Band
Sex Unspecified
Band/Artist Name Sinister Serpent
Description A glam metal band with a love for leopard print, leather and inappropriate humour. Currently focusing on covers and original material.
Instruments Played
Influences Def Leopard, Kiss, Poison, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Warrant, Reckless Love, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith
Joined 22 Feb 2016
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TagsRock, Glam, Guitarist, Bass, Singer
Contact info No additional contact info provided.
Description: Hi there! My band and I are on the hunt for a drummer who would be interested in being part of a glam metal band. Preferably, we're looking for another guy in their 20s or early 30s to even out the dynamic as Marie (bassist) and myself (lead singer) are currently out-womaning Terry (guitarist) as he's the only guy. ... Read more
Location: London
Views: 365
Posted: 6 years ago by sinisterserpentmusic
Tagsdrummer, wanted, glam, metal, rock
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