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Description: I’m Sam, I’m 15 and I love Rock 'n' Roll. Especially hair metal and glam from the 80s. I've been playing guitar for a few years and would love to follow the footsteps of previous legends and bring back Rock n Roll.
Location: Southport
TagsRock, 80s, glam, hair, metal
Description: The Ink Hearts are a glam metal/hard rock band wantin to bring back the 80s. We are looking for a bassist and 2nd guitarist to complete our line up with the view of eventually getting a keyboardist. We are a committed band wanting to make it big. Our first album is on its way and hopefully will be recording and touring it in the near future. Here is a link to the songs already written
Location: Leeds
TagsGlam, metal, rock, 80s
Description: A glam metal band with a love for leopard print, leather and inappropriate humour. Currently focusing on covers and original material.
Location: London
Tagsrock, glam, guitarist, bass, singer

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Description: I'm a 15 year old guitarist from Southport looking for band members to make some original rock n roll (some covers) in the style of 80s rock, glam and hair metal bands. The likes of Bon Jovi, Crue, Skid Row, Gunners etc etc.
Location: Frailey Cl, Southport PR8 3QB, UK
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Posted: 5 months ago by SamWilkins
TagsRock, 80s, glam, hair, metal
Description: Hi there! My band and I are on the hunt for a drummer who would be interested in being part of a glam metal band. Preferably, we're looking for another guy in their 20s or early 30s to even out the dynamic as Marie (bassist) and myself (lead singer) are currently out-womaning Terry (guitarist) as he's the only guy. You don't need to wear leather and makeup (but it is highly encouraged!) but you need to want to have fun, make sweet sweet music, have good/inappropriate banter and generally be dependable. We're starting off with learning covers but we are also writing our own stuff as well and we all want someone to contribute to that whether it be with lyrics or musical ideas. We also want to gig and tour the UK obviously, but we wouldn't mind in the future (depending on how things go) heading to other parts of Europe or even the USA. We're not looking to be famous,we're looking to be successful and above all just enjoy what we do, get some good gigs and get paid for it! We want to see people from a variety of backgrounds with an obvious passion for music. If this sounds like something for you, drop us a message about yourself, whether you play any other instruments or have any other skills (music or otherwise), a youtube or similar link of you playing (preferably rock but as long as it shows your skills, any genre will do), your musical background and experience. Once that's sent, we'll arrange a mini interview and and an audition (it will be superchill don't worry) as we want to see how we get on with you and if you get on with us! Feel free to drop us any questions as well! Looking forward to hearing from you, Nicole
Location: Langton Rd, London NW2 6QA, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by sinisterserpentmusic
Tagsdrummer, wanted, glam, metal, rock