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Musician Wanted
Description: I am 19 I am a drummer looking to start a death metal band or to join a death metal band ...if you are interested please contact me .... Thanks m/
Location: Basildon, Basildon, Essex SS14 1BL, UK
Joined: 28th Feb 2015
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Musician Available
Description: I am a guitarist (electric and Acoustic) and bass player and . I would like to join or form a band with a view to gigging. I am open to suggestions about musical styles from squeeze, rock, soul to Mumford and son.. I have 25 years experience playing and gigging in soul/rock/pop bands. I can read music and tab. I have my own transport and good quality gear.
Location: Winfields, Basildon, Essex SS13 1HB, UK
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Location: Basildon SS16 4UH, UK
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Musician Wanted
Description: Hi guys, I'm Tony. I've been playing guitar for 18 years and I have been in a few bands in that time, but haven't really done anything with music for roughly 7 years now. I'm currently looking at starting a band preferably rock/metal but I am open to trying different things. I played lead guitar in my previous bands but I think I'd rather take on the rhythm role in any future bands.
Location: Basildon SS16, UK
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TagsRock, Metal, Guitar, Guitarist, Rhythm
Band Wanted
Description: Band seeking bass player. Join our bassless band bassists! Rock covers of Festival Anthems. i.e. Killers, Chilli Peppers, Kings Of Leon, etc. All of us are 36 and have had years of experience gigging in originals and function bands. We will be a 5 piece consisting of Guitar, Keys, Drums, Bass and vocals. We have pro gear and use of recording studio and technology to play to backing tracks so the sound will be huge! Please contact: [email protected]
Location: Claydon Cres, Basildon SS14 2HF, UK
Joined: 17th Aug 2017
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Band Wanted
Description: Cromwell Manor are seeking established bands for our beer and music fest on July 22nd 2017. Contact 01268 559772
Location: Basildon SS16 4UH, UK
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Posted: 8 months ago by Cromwell123
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