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Description: Punk Metal band located in Braintree/Sudbury Area. Just started to gig. A lot of own material written already. Unsigned. Linzi - Lead Vocals ....... - Bass Paul - Lead Guitar Jason - Drums Currently need a bass player!
Location: Essex
TagsPunk, Metal, Rock
Location: Halstead

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Description: Name of the band is Ignorance Is Bliss. We have just performed first gig with good feedback at The Asylum in Chelmsford. Punk/metal band, we write our own material, formed in october 2013, have a good catalog of songs already, looking to build on that. Original bass player had to leave due to problems at work. We have had s... Read more
Location: Essex
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Posted: 8 years ago by Ignorance.Is.Bliss
TagsPunk, Metal, Bass, Rock