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Musician Wanted
Description: I'm a blues singer/frontman/harmonica/guitar player with tons of gigging and recording experience with well-established bands over the past 30-odd years. I'm already working with two pretty well-reckoned bands, neither of which, however, is gigging enough for my liking. Having recently given up the day job, I'm looking for collaborators to start a fresh project. I definitely need a great, groove-oriented drummer and bass player who truly understand dynamics. Beyond that, I'd kill to find a great piano/Hammond player and an inventive, dynamic guitarist who doesn't think the sun shines out of Bonamassa's backside! I'm not exactly sure yet what direction it might take, other than that it will be blues - but not that heavy, guitar-centred blues-rock music which so many people are passing off as blues these days! After a fairly arid time, I've finally started writing songs again and am looking for musical collaborators to inspire me to start a new project and possibly take it in an exciting new direction. I have an insane number of guitars and amps, good wheels and a decent PA,. I'm also in the process of building a commercial recording studio with a a shit-hot engineer friend, which would be available for rehearsals and recording. I'd also be happy to talk to any bands who are in the market for great, dynamic, bluesey frontman.
Location: Maple Way, Burnham-on-Crouch CM0 8DE, UK
Joined: 21st Feb 2017
Active: 3 months ago

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