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Description: Hi, I'm Stuart. I'm a guitarist and the developer of the Band Mate site. Drop me a message if you have something to tell me. I'd love to hear your success stories etc.
Location: Southampton
TagsGuitar, Musician, Acoustic
Location: Leicester
TagsDrummer, Jazz
Description: One man doomblues band with ukulele and harmonicas. Sometimes looped, sometimes amplified, always heavy.
Location: Leicestershire
TagsDoomblues, Rock, Metal, Ukulele, Harmonica
Description: Want to start a band or join a band in Norwich or find a drummer to play with
Location: Norwich
Location: Brentwood
Description: I am 67 and live in Glossop, Derbyshire. I have been around for a while now playing in various bands. Now I am looking to play the music I played when I first started in the 60's, namely songs by Cliff Richard circa 50's - 80's. So I am hoping to get together with one or two people - male or female, any age - who can play a... Read more
Location: Glossop
Tags60's, 70's, Acoustic, Cliff
Description: looking for a band to jam with, gig with etc.
Location: Hitchin
Description: Professional singer-songwriter
Location: Milton Keynes
Description: Electric Guitarist of 9 years that dabbles with vocals when required. Have rehearsed with two bands but with minimal gig experience except open mic nights. Love to play blues, classic/hard rock, britpop and psychedelic/progressive rock. Sometimes early punk too ?
Location: Cardiff
TagsLead, Guitar, Rhythm, Guitar, Rolling
Description: I am recording a new album of songs in the folk rock genre and looking for musicians to form a band. We will play my compositions only.
Location: Birmingham

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Description: wfgwegwegwegewgwgew
Location: Southampton
Views: 30
Posted: 4 months ago by psychedelic_porcupine
Description: I’m looking to assemble a really tight, pro-standard band producing an authentic 1950's/1960's amplified CHICAGO BLUES sound. When the band is in place I will arrange professional representation. I'm a very committed, sociable, Essex-based, experienced Blues vocalist and diatonic/chromatic harmonica player with high-pr... Read more
Location: Chelmsford
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Posted: 4 months ago by bloozeboy
TagsDouble, Bass', 'Bass, Guitar', 'Guitar
Description: Seeking duo/trio/band with a view to writing/gigging/recording and generally having fun!
Location: Bicester
Views: 50
Posted: 8 months ago by brush
TagsAcoustic, Folk, Folk-rock, Celtic, Country
Description: Hey, we're the Black Powder Prophets, a new folky/bluegrassy band thing. We're looking for people preferably under 20 years old who can play cello/bass/violin in bluegrass style. Hopefully this'll be a long-term thing with gigging and album recording etc but who knows. We currently have two members- 1. Jacob, a mediocre s... Read more
Location: Caldicot
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Posted: 8 months ago by black-powder-prophets
TagsFolk, Bluegrass, Cello, Bass, Violin