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Description: CONTACT US AT [email protected] We need a Lead Guitarist, a Bassist and a Drummer! Preferably a female bassist/drummer but female isn’t necessary, everyone is welcome
Location: Uxbridge
TagsFemale, bassist, drummer, male, guitarist
Description: Rhythm/Acoustic guitarist wants to join band nearby to Bristol/Weston S Mare/BS49. I've played in a couple of bands for few years and we gigged pubs and occasional functions. I'm looking to enjoy playing with like-minded people, for good fun and similar work. Willing to play variety of stuff, preferring covers from 1970 - t... Read more
Location: Bristol
TagsRhythm, Acoustic, Guitarist, Backing, Vocals
Description: Intermediate guitarist from Staffordshire. Decent college and live band experience, still have regular guitar lessons and try to play anything and everything.
Location: Stafford
TagsGuitarist, Blues, Rock
Description: Looking for band members for a rock band once I leave high school this year
Location: Oban
TagsRock, guitarist, punk
Description: Slow Transmission is a rock/hard rock group founded on 07/12/19 and as has accumulated over 20,000 streams in 2 months!
Location: Mablethorpe
Tagsguitarist, rock, metal, band, bassist
Description: Farhad Zamani world instrumental latin musician has been released two albums for more information please see
Location: London
Description: Hi there! I’m a 19 year old female drummer/guitarist/vocalist from South London. I have self taught the drums for about 10 years, and the acoustic/electric guitar for about 6. I am by no means the greatest musician in the world, but I can learn guitar tunes fairly quickly and can play most beats on the drums jus... Read more
Location: Wallington
TagsFemale, Drummer, Rock, Guitarist, Vocals
Description: Hello everyone, I am a singer and I'm looking for a guitarist to build a set of covers in order to record and make gigs. I have started to sing in gospel choirs and I love soul/jazz music. I currently tame Musical Theater course but I would like to build a more intimate project. I have also started to learn Piano.
Location: London
Tagsduo, guitarist, soul, jazz, cover
Description: I’ve been playing guitar on and of for quite some time. However due to various reasons was unable to dedicate decent time to peruse musicians career. However during lockdown I’ve been working from home and due to more free time started playing again and recorded few tracks which only inspired to do more music.Currently ... Read more
Location: London
TagsGuitarist, producer, grunge, electronic
Description: Looking for another singer/songwriter/guitarist and a drummer/percussionist to join me writing some songs for jamming as well as working towards forming an acoustic band for busking-type performance. Could look at other things like strings as well if we wanted potentially. I'm 39 but am relatively flexible on age, more impo... Read more
Location: Hove
TagsSongwriter, Singer, Guitarist

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Description: Looking for people who also enjoy slow, heavy, fuzzed out doom and drone who would like to play music together. Any instruments welcome if you think it'll work! Influences include Bong, Sunn O))), Year of No Light
Location: South Shields
Views: 15
Posted: 2 weeks ago by sunbather
TagsGuitarist, metal, doom, drone
Description: Four piece (now three) rock covers band Loaded Revolver are looking to replace our rather awesome but now departed frontman. We tend to gig once a month or so around the East Mids, we have a few regular venues that we play at three times a year, good venues with friendly staff and punters, always enjoyable nights. Ideally... Read more
Location: Mansfield
Views: 27
Posted: 1 month ago by gilobass
TagsVocalist, guitarist,
Description: Brand new Lincoln-based Metal band looking for Bass Guitarist to complete our line-up. We're all experienced, dedicated, and like-minded. Between us we have a passion for various Metal sub-genres including Metalcore, Post Hardcore, Prog-Metal, and more. Our philosophy is that all members are equal and that our ultima... Read more
Location: Lincoln
Views: 32
Posted: 1 month ago by tomsharpe
Tagsmetal, metalcore, bass, guitarist
Description: Lead guitar, Drums, Bass guitar, Keyboard Wanted for an indie rock band in Manchester
Location: Manchester
Views: 33
Posted: 2 months ago by jr98
TagsLead, guitar, Drums, Bass, guitar
Description: CONTACT OPTIONS - Phone 07413686881 - Instagram @orlandosvlog (Texting me here may not get the quickest of responses but still shoot it) Looking for people to jam with around the SouthWest London Area (unless you have travel options to get yourself here than go for it) and if all goes well, to create a band. I am seek... Read more
Location: Kingston upon Thames
Views: 32
Posted: 3 months ago by orlandothrash
TagsRhythm, guitarist
Description: The Desert Penguins are a high energy, high calibre covers band bringing you huge sounding music. We are a band give it their all, playing a big selection of modern songs and applying our unique sound to each everyone, while having fun along the way! We don’t like musical stereotypes so offer you a massive range of mu... Read more
Location: Welwyn Garden City
Views: 26
Posted: 2 months ago by desertpenguins
TagsBass, Guitar, Rock, Band, Covers
Description: Hi! I am looking to widen my early stages solo project 'Deer Speak' based in BRISTOL into a wider piece band featuring specifically female talent, keen to do some distance recording / social distance practice this year looking to get back into gigging next year or when possible again. Looking especially for a female ... Read more
Location: Wells
Views: 38
Posted: 2 months ago by deerspeak
Tags#indie, #drummer, #bassist, #guitarist
Description: Hey I'm 17 and learning to play guitar, it may take me awhile but I'll be moving to England in around a year and by then I hope to have a sufficient level, I would really love to join a band, not just for laughs but to seriously try and make something out of it!
Location: York
Views: 41
Posted: 4 months ago by nat-has
TagsGuitar, rythm
Description: I play bass and guitar and want to start or join a band. I enjoy playing punk/pop punk and also rock,metal, grunge and other related genres.
Location: Fareham
Views: 50
Posted: 4 months ago by noahw
TagsBass, guitar, punk, rock, guitarist
Description: I live in Cheshire, in the UK. Basically looking to get involved with anyone needing a flamenco, classical, folk punk or a general acoustic guitarist. Also a qualified and professional writer, so lyrics are a strong point. I can hold a tune, and also add Tom Waits-like qualities to my voice. I'm interested in cabaret, folk-... Read more
Location: Crewe
Views: 45
Posted: 6 months ago by jackdoors
TagsClassical, guitar, Nylon, string, Tom