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Location: Fareham
Description: I am a Singer/songwriter and Poet into Soul/Funk and House Music. Originally from Manchester, but have been living in London for a decade. I am also influenced by Soul Funk/House Music from American Artists. But wanting to create a more UK sound.
Location: London
TagsVocalist, Funk, Soul, Disco, House
Description: I am a singer who enjoys working along other members. I can be backup or lead (singer that is). I can play a bit of guitar aswell but I prefer singing a lot more. I play guitar while singing but never alone. I play ukulele too but I usually play melody. I don't have that much experience in bands but I have gotten a small job out of singing for a while and I have also performed in the Derngate theater and a few other places. I have been singing for years and I will be for years to come.
Location: Northampton
Tagssoul, singer, vocalist, vocal, wanted
Description: I'm a bearded tattooed male Singer in my early 30's who likes singing Soul / R&B / Funk / Blues / Soulful Country covers songs. I'm looking for either a Guitarist or Keys player or both to jam with and rehearse maybe form a duo/trio or band? I loved to busk, and take part in open mic nights with other musicians. I'm open to musicians who song-write who can't sing who would like a singer to sing their lyrics while they play backing on guitar/keys. If you're interested contact me via here please! Also if you have rehearsal space, or know of rehearsal ? space that would be handy! Musicians or any age or gender or race contact me, I'm easy going and will jam and rehearse with anybody.
Location: Ashton-under-Lyne
TagsSoul, Singer, Funk, R&B, Vocalist
Description: I'm a soul-Jazz singer. I sing covers and originals. I also write songs. Myn influences: Ella Fitzgerald, Sade, Fela Kuti. someone told me last week that I remind him of Otis Redding...I though that was sweet. I have worked professionally as a singer. i am confident, funny, fun to be with and a great at pleasing the audience. oh! I also love Al Green
Location: London
Tagsjazz, soul, nina, simone, benjamin
Description: 'm a passionate freelance singer/songwriter who looks to work with professional and like-minded musicians and producers and to establish myself as an Artist within the music industry. I've been singing for 10/11 years starting out in Classical Music and Music Theatre to writing and performing my own original music as a Singer/Songwriter. I've attended ACM for 3 years and have graduated with a Vocal Degree. I am a Versatile singer who enjoys and sings many genres such as R&B, Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Folk, Pop, Alternative and many more. I am also a Songwriter who specialises in Melodies and lyrics and look to further my skills. I am always looking to be a part of bands or music projects so message me at my email address "[email protected]" and I will get back to you ASAP. Above all else, I'm very easy to get on with and enjoy having a laugh :)
Location: Surrey
TagsR&B, Soul, Versatile
Description: Hi my names is Danny I'm the guitarist in a 60s/70's rock n roll/blues/soul band called "Soul Shaker" Our drummer has recently left the band so we are now looking for a drummer to join. Our influences include the faces, Rolling Stones, the black crowes, hendrix, the Temperence movement, the jeff beck group, Free, rival sons, led Zeppelin etc We are all 24-25 so would preferably like members between the ages of 20-28 We write all our own material, we have already gigged in the upcoming London circuit and which to carry on gigging as soon as we find the right player for our band. Please call or text me on 07756324446 or email me if interested
Location: Greater London
TagsDrummer, rock, blues, soul
Description: I'm a singer looking for a guitarist or bandband to jam and gig with. I sing mainly jazz and blues as well as some soul and pop. I have quite a deep, powerful, smokey voice and express myself best when singing emotional/angst-filled songs.
Location: Essex
Tagssinger, blues, jazz, vocalist, soul
Description: Innovative RnB/ Blues band, London based, female, material written, gigs lined up in February, set up is vocals, piano, bass, drums. We have a diverse range of material, including the lyrical sad song 'Pink Corridors' (taken from insights working as a temp), the dance influenced energetic 'And it Goes' and our homage to the cliches of 90s R'n'B 'Baby, Baby, Baby'. We have loads of new songs waiting for a good bass line and for us to polish them as a band. We've also made some covers our own by rearranging and putting in solos including 'You really got me' The Kinks, 'Candy' Cameo, 'Funnel of Love' Wanda Jackson and 'Way Down in the Hole' Tom Waits.
Location: London
Tagsbassist, guitarist, bass, guitar, soul
Description: I'm Rob, I'm 21. I'm looking for a band/ group to make or join. Been in previous bands before and done gigs. I play a wide range of instruments, some I excel in more than others, but I tend to main Drums and Guitar.
Location: South Yorkshire
Tagsdrums, guitarist, classics, rock, soul

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Musician Wanted
Description: Love playing jazz, blues, rock, soul & general good stuff on oboe. Looking for piano and/or keys player, & drummer. Retro, mellow, nostalgic jazz styles. Wanting to gig/get more experience, & hopefully paid work.
Location: Little Walden Rd, Saffron Walden CB10 2DN, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by GFord
Tagsjazz, Latin, soul
Band Neutral
Description: i have been sinng for 7 years and i would like to be a lead singer.
Location: Lyndewode Rd, Cambridge CB1 2HN, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by rosie.giesler
Tagsfunk, and, soulhip, hop, and
Band Neutral
Description: i have been sinng for 7 years and i would like to be a lead singer.
Location: Lyndewode Rd, Cambridge CB1 2HN, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by rosie.giesler
Tagsfunk, and, soulhip, hop, and
Musician Wanted
Description: Excellent function band with quality vocals requires guitarist able to play across a range of styles, as our current guitarist has decided to go in a different musical direction (it’s all amicable btw). We play a wide range of songs and styles, from the Chuck Berry era 1950’s to tracks by Ed Sheeran and DNCE via Chic and Queen, so we need a versatile guitarist who can play anything from funk to rock and everything in between. Ideally but not essentially you’ll be able to carry a tune too. You’ll need to be able to solo both freeform and in the style of other guitarists (Slash/Richie Sambora/Brian May) for some of the cover material we play. And you’ll need to leave your ego at the door – no primadonnas please (we won’t be supplying you with kittens to dry your face on). You’ll need your own transport as we play at venues across the West Midlands (mostly). We have bookings in the diary up to August 2018. We only very rarely play in pubs. Pay averages between £100 - £140 per gig. We have almost 1500 Facebook likes (genuine ones) and you can see the band online at and Our ages range from 33 to 50, and our lineup is vocal/guitar/bass/keys/drums so we need someone who will fit in visually. We rehearse in Dudley on Sunday evenings. If this sounds like you, please get in touch giving some examples of material you’ve played on (if you can). We’ll be holding some auditions as soon as possible as we’d like to get someone quickly.
Location: Moat Brook Ave, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1DH, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by ptbass
TagsCovers, funk, soul, rock, guitarist
Musician Wanted
Description: Gospel Vocalist needed for Gospel album in Stratford ASAP. Please send music you have done to be considered. We will be rehearsing and recording now through the next few months.
Location: Campbell Rd, London E15 1SY, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by bbsproductions
TagsGospel, R&B, Soul, Pop, Electronic
Musician Wanted
Description: Male singer here into older/retro type of Motown,Northern Soul, Stax, R&B, Soul, Funk, Soulful Country music looking for a Guitarist or Keys Player to collaborate with in the hope of busking, open mics and maybe form a duo or band? But just looking to rehearse long term and start off doing busking and open mics! If you're interested take a look at my profile and contact me via here.
Location: Market St, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6BZ, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by BeardedSoulSinger
TagsR&B, Soul, Motown, Funk, Singer
Musician Wanted
Description: Musicians of all types needed for an original band, in the style of 40/50's soul, rnb :) potential of recording with known artists.
Location: Manchester M1 7EP, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by Tricia92
Tags'Band', 'soul', 'rnb'
Musician Available
Description: I sing.....U need a singer. Hopefully we all want to do this for a living.....forever. I'm a headliner!
Location: Swinford Gardens, Brixton, London SW9 7LB, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by Dolphin2000
Tagsblues, soul, jazz, country, Pop
Band Wanted
Description: We are a Manchester/South Manchester based authentic funk band diggin' deep into that sweet, sweet funk and soul sound. If you know your way around a keyboard and want to be part of something fresh & exciting get in touch. We are not a working function band but very connected in the NW venue wise. Hope to hear from you.
Location: Stockport SK1 2BY, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by sham
Tagskeyboard, funk, soul, manchester
Musician Available
Description: Hi, I live in N1 & I'm a singer looking to join a band. I am 31, female with a deep voice (I've been compared to Joan Armatrading, Annie Lennox, Sade to give you an idea of voice tone although this isn't the kind of music I'm aiming to do). I write songs as well so would be up for contributing. I want to join a band with a bit of energy who are up for gigging in the near future. Soundwise I'd like to be going in the direction of depeche mode, fleetwood mac, smashing pumpkins, eurythmics, queen, but as long as the music is good it doesn't really matter. Hear samples of me singing on sound cloud (apologies for basic instrument playing - I try but am not the a pro at guitar, drums etc):
Location: London N1 9JA, UK
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Posted: 4 years ago by Kato
Tagsgrunge, indie, soul, electronic, rock