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Description: Trying to start a screamo band based around Bristol Looking for one guitarist to start with to get a 2-piece going but I'm open to adding more members. I'll be doing drums and vocals but it'd be super cool to have both of us doing vocals if possible.
Location: Bristol
Tagsscreamo, skramz, emo, punk, skrim
Description: Lo-fi folk punk band formed August 2019 who meet twice monthly in a very informal way, regular attendance not compulsory. Would suit someone looking to dip their toe in the water, a beginner or someone looking for a second band. We do covers of protest/political songs and will only be looking to do gigs to help/promote charitable organisations and maybe some group busking to raise money/awareness of same. Attitude more important than ability. We will consider most instruments but primarily vocals, guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin, percussion,
Location: Swanley
Tagsfolk, punk, protest, political, acoustic
Description: New Wave/Post-Punk/Goth Rock based in Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham, England.
Location: Newton Aycliffe
TagsRock, New, Wave, Goth, Post-Punk
Location: London
TagsMetal, Punk, Rock, Guitar, Drums
Description: 28 year old drummer, been playing since I was 12 but with many breaks due to not always having a kit available. Recently started practicing again, aiming to learn a variety of rock/metal/punk/alt covers (mostly from the 90s/Y2K era) and hopefully join/form a band.
Location: Guisborough
Tagsrock, metal, punk, indie
Description: hard Rock/punk band
Location: Kettering
Tagspunk, rock
Description: Garage/punk/rock band based in south east London. Still in the early stages. We’ve got about four solid songs with a bunch more ideas. Looking to bring a couple more people into the mix to carry on writing, demo and gig eventually. The two of us have written quite a lot together, but we're at a point where we want some fresh ears and some new ideas coming in. All the parts so far are just drums and one guitar, so we're looking for a drummer and bassist to complete the line up so we can get writing as a full band and finish off the songs we've got. Ideally seeking bassist + drummer between 25-35 years old, based in south east London. If you like garagey/punky kinda stuff, want to have a laugh, play some gigs and you’re a nice person then drop me an email. Tell us a bit about yourself, the kinda music you like and we can go from there!
Location: London
Tagsgarage, punk, punk, rock,
Description: We are SOBER a hardcore punk/ grunge band and we need a drummer! we've got a small following and will be releasing our debut EP on the 18th of March. We just want someone who we can have a laugh with, write some good tunes and someone who wants to gig! we're based in Bexleyheath and Orpington and usually practice at Banana Studios in Erith however we can easily change if needs be. look forward to hearing from you guys soon, SOBER (Matt and Louis) facebook: Instagram:
Location: Orpington
TagsPunk, Grunge, Band, Rock
Description: 17 year old drummer looking for members to form a pop punk band similar to Neck Deep, Trash Boat and Boston Manor! If this is you, and you are based in and around either Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Sudbury or Colchester, hit me up! Age preferably 17-19
Location: Sudbury
TagsPop, Punk, Rock, Neck, Deep
Description: Im a guitarist and singer and I’m looking to start a punk band. I’ve been playing in a band as the lead guitarist for over 6 Years. I started writing my own material a couple of years ago and have recently decided I want to start up a band to perform the songs live, record them professionally and see where we can take it.
Location: Westcliff-on-Sea
TagsBand, punk, bass, drums, guitar

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Description: Guitarist/songwriter & drummer seek BASSIST for grungey/new wavey garage outfit called 'Anguish Languish' with own material. I'm NOT looking for virtuosos or pros hungry for fame & fortune or work, just someone who wants to improve & enjoy bantery yet purposeful rehearsal once a week (Saturday arvo) at Earth Studios, Norwich. Novices/dabblers, all ages or genders welcome. We might look to gig locally at future date, but at mo' bandmates only have to commit to the weekly rehearsal.
Location: Cannell Green, Norwich NR3 1TT, UK
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Posted: 1 week ago by lynxengland78
TagsBassist, Norfolk, Amateur, Grunge, Punk
Description: The Diversity Ball (registered charity) is looking for bands to play at the first Diversity ball to be held in Chester cathedral in May. We have a preference for diverse bands. The ball will have up to 1400 guests and include a Diversity fashion show, signing in sign language, orchestras, bands and Djs.
Location: Hugh St, Chester CH4 7LD, UK
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Posted: 2 months ago by DiversityBall
Tagspunk, alternate, rock
Description: Trying to start a screamo band based around Bristol FFO: Cassus, Maths, Perfect Blue, The Ultimate Screamo Band, Smile To The Wind, Loma Prieta, Raein, Neil Perry, Hundreds of Au, Frail Hands, Frail Body, Anzio, Massa Nera Looking for one guitarist to start with to get a 2-piece going but I'm open to adding more members. I'll be doing drums and vocals but it'd be super cool to have both of us doing vocals if possible.
Location: Pursey Dr, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 8DN, UK
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Posted: 3 months ago by DanMelizan
Tagsscreamo, skramz, emo, punk, skrim
Description: Drummer required for two piece band.Casual, just for jamming. Bands covered: Muse, Ash, Foo Fighters, Offspring, Green Day, Blink 182, Manic Street Preachers and happy to have new influences. We are both in our late 30's so similar age would be good, but not crucial. John and John
Location: Erith Rd, Erith DA8 3LT, UK
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Posted: 4 months ago by Jmcg
TagsPunk, Rock, Grunge
Description: Bass Player urgently wanted for hard rock/punk band, fun friendly people please - no miserable gits , gigs waiting
Location: Bath Rd, Kettering NN16 8ND, UK
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Posted: 7 months ago by Jenny_D
Tagspunk, rock, hard, rock, Bassist
Description: Punk guitarist wanted for a punk oi Band
Location: Northwood Ave, Purley CR8 2EP, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by punksnotdead2018
TagsPunk, oi, guitar
Description: Looking for energetic and powerful vocal collab on this one to replace my guide vocal on a track called 'It's All About You!' in my BandMate profile. Think 'Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong and “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” strong vocal style. Might also be worth trying something different and more aggressive e.g. Sex Pistols or a 'Cockney' style ala Billy Bragg etc. As a collab, there is no fee as such, but there will be great online radio airplay and social media exposure etc, so full name credit and promo will be given on the track to benefit both of us. This has proven very successful in the past. Ideally, this would suit an experienced Punk Rock vocalist capable of performing and recording their own vocals in dry, hi-res .wav format, for mixing into the master song stems. Happy to provide no-vox version and lyric sheet for any brave soul out there willing to give it a go. Thanks. Phil
Location: Conwy LL32 8RE, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by PhillipFoxley
TagsPunk, Rock
Description: Im a seventeen year old from south Yorkshire, I'm looking to join or form a band who listens to the music of nirvana, joy division the kinks, stone roses, the doors the velvet underground or anything that goes with the genre's listed below. Im a self taught guitarist who has been playing for almost 3 years, I have had one performance with people from college, there I study music technology, I have a little bit of experience and I also write my own material. I can play a little bit of bass, and can also sing a little too. If your a Public image limited fan who likes good drumming, 3 chords, good lyrics, simple and distinctive bass playing with pathetic singing then private message me, if your interested thank you in advance Ciaran..
Location: Foljambe Cres, New Rossington, Doncaster DN11 0SX, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by Ciaran Moran
TagsPunk, post, punk, metal, grunge
Description: Milton Keynes-based pop punk/metal band False Idol need a drummer. Are you: - 18-30? - reliable and able to drive? - have your own kit? - able to practice regularly and commit to gigs? If you're interested in auditioning contact us here or find us on Facebook/Instagram (/falseidolband)
Location: Pettingrew Cl, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes MK7 7LN, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by leinadmai
Tagsdrummer, poppunk, metal, rock
Description: Are you a singer, bassist or guitarist? Are you based in Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Ipswich, Colchester or surrounding areas? Are you looking to join a pop punk band similar to Neck Deep, Trash Boat and Boston Manor? If so, this is your chance! I’m Joe, I’m 17 and I’m a somewhat experienced drummer looking for members to join a pop punk band (preferably 17-19) If this is you, message me with name, age and what you play, and we can sort a meet to see what you can do!
Location: Brent Eleigh Rd, Lavenham, Sudbury CO10 9PE, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by JoeSwann21
TagsNeck, Deep, WSTR, Pop, punk