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Description: electronic music producer looking for a vocalist who can sing + yell
Location: Leicester
TagsElectronic, Grunge, Punk, Pop, Rave
Description: I'm a singer-songwriter and poet. I used to run a monthly Poetry and Music night in Islington called 'Until The Light Goes Out'. I kind of have three sounds. One is as a kind of indie-pop singer-songwriter, another is melodic songs with a full arrangement and the third is a growing collection of ideas and songs that are darker and have a song-based but electronic and sometimes dubby arrangement.
Location: London
Tagselectronic, indie, pop, acoustic, songwriter

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Description: Hello, thanks for coming in. I'm Randa Ray, I'm a soul/pop singer songwriter amongst other things. I'm looking for serious musicians (guitarist, base, keys. brass) who want to create and perform new music with me. I have been booked for a gig O2 Academy2 Islington on Feb 14 and I want fresh dedicated talent playing along side me. If neo soul, funk, pop, is your jam hit me up and lets see if we can flow. I'm at a stage where I want to put music first, if this is where you are at too it'll be great to connect. My background is in the world of theatre and film I've crossed over now to music so excited about this new adventure...
Location: Rowan Cres, Dartford DA1 2QX, UK
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Posted: 4 days ago by Randa_Ray
Tagssoul, pop, hiphop, jazz, electronic
Description: I'm looking to start a new project. I write and make electronic music. Its lo-fi, poppy, synthy, dreamy. I write on guitar but primarily make music using software. What I can't do is sing, or write lyrics. I'm looking for someone who: - Can sing - Can write lyrics - Can record vocal demos at home to send - Has an interest in gaining a following - Wants to build something genuine and do it for as long as its good I've got a lot of influences, but for this project I'm thinking M83, Memory House, Desire, The Knife, Kero Kero Bonito, Hot Chip, Imogen Heap, Katy Perry, Best Coast. I'm not a pro. I don't have pro gear. I'm a guy in a bedroom with almost entirely free software. But if you're a singer looking for a new project, likes a laid-back approach to collaborating, and has an open mind, drop me a message.
Location: Craven Park Rd, London N15 6AB, UK
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Posted: 8 months ago by TU2727
Tagssinger, wanted, electronic, band
Description: Gospel Vocalist needed for Gospel album in Stratford ASAP. Please send music you have done to be considered. We will be rehearsing and recording now through the next few months.
Location: Campbell Rd, London E15 1SY, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by bbsproductions
TagsGospel, R&B, Soul, Pop, Electronic
Description: Looking for a band to gig with, make music, make some dollar with
Location: Gynor Pl, Porth CF39 0NN, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by drummerjoel
TagsIndie, electronic, rock
Description: Hi everyone, I am a songwriter, I play vocals, guitar, bass, I do arrangements and I am able to record new songs for this project and I am looking for a musician and DJ to join me in order to create a fresh-new sound. influences: Daft Punk, Ministry, Chemical Brother, Rammstein, Prodigy... but I am basically looking for my music partner in crime against humanity ears. Anyway, let me know if you're interested and get in touch. Sincerely PICAH
Location: London SE10 0AG, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by PICAH
TagsDJ, Electronic, Metal
Description: Guitarist wanted to complete electronic / post rock / pop / alternative / rock band. Hi! ABOUT US: So we don't neatly categorise into any individual box - we try to write interesting and varied stuff that's (relatively) easily accessible. The drummer uses electronic pads as well as acoustic and rarely plays a 'kick on one and snare on 3 straight beat' (but sometimes does). The bass player has a very healthy pedal board and doesn't really play traditional bass so much (but sometimes does). Likewise for the guitarist who sings (a bit Mclusky-esque) and plays a bit like Godspeed (if you ask me). Sometimes we get the keyboard out too. But we're missing another guitarist and want one bad. WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: The 3 of us have been together for years now and have a really healthy working dynamic. We're all slaves to whatever suits the song best and want someone with a similar mindset. Like: the most important thing is that you're cool to work with and believe in doing whatever's necessary to make the song the best it can be. We want to get somewhere and so we rehearse 3 times a week (and rarely drink) and want someone who's able to commit to that amount of time / money as well. Other than that you've got to be half-decent on the guitar but we're not looking for the next Steve Vai. We tend to combine relatively simple elements together to create something beautiful and huge. So interesting rhythms, catchy hooks, nice textures etc. Also (trying to predict the future here) I see it not so much as a lead / rhythm / fx guitar role that we're looking for but a combination of them as best suits the song (but you know - the guitar parts aren't written so who knows what it's going to sound like in the end... whatever sounds good and makes the song better...)
Location: Pigott St, Poplar, London E14 7DH, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by pauljaswilowicz
TagsGuitarist, Electronic, Post-Rock, Pop, Rock
Description: I am a West London based songwriter who has had 3 EPs with National Airtime. I have just written a new EP which is set for release Oct 29th- I am looking for a band (keys, guitar, percussion, anything ambient and interesting) to play key gig dates with me, and to rehearse and write together when possible. I make ambient pop and my soundcloud is here: You would ideally be London-based and inventive!
Location: Redan St, London W14 0AD, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by SylvaFaye
Tagsambient, pop, synth, london, electronic
Description: Chimes seek an experienced Keyboard/Synth Ableton Push player for songwriting, gigging, touring and recording contracts. A fusion of break beat, pop, glitch and house. Influences include: Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Golan, Mac Quayle, Pretty Lights Former member of The Other Tribe (Black Butter/Sony Publishing/Relentless Records) Must have gigging experience, and have examples of previous work. The ideal candidate will have studied (or be studying) music at degree level. Preferred age 21-27, however, above all- a self-motivated, friendly and professional attitude is a must. Chimes explore a compelling electronic-acoustic blend of exotic percussion, drums, guitar, bass, vocals and synthesisers, seeking to drive your senses back into the heart of the Summer festival vibe. Please click here to listen to “Down by the River” (Demo version) by Chimes.
Location: Rose Rd, Southampton, Southampton SO14 6TE, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by charlie26289
Tagselectronic, house, edm, break, beat
Description: Hi, I live in N1 & I'm a singer looking to join a band. I am 31, female with a deep voice (I've been compared to Joan Armatrading, Annie Lennox, Sade to give you an idea of voice tone although this isn't the kind of music I'm aiming to do). I write songs as well so would be up for contributing. I want to join a band with a bit of energy who are up for gigging in the near future. Soundwise I'd like to be going in the direction of depeche mode, fleetwood mac, smashing pumpkins, eurythmics, queen, but as long as the music is good it doesn't really matter. Hear samples of me singing on sound cloud (apologies for basic instrument playing - I try but am not the a pro at guitar, drums etc):
Location: London N1 9JA, UK
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Posted: 5 years ago by Kato
Tagsgrunge, indie, soul, electronic, rock
Description: We're a (mostly) Scottish band based in London looking for a female keys/synth player and vocalist. We've released two singles and one album to date, all on Tirk Records. We get airplay with 6music's Steve Lamacq, as well as Tom Robinson's BBC Introducing. We're called Molly Wagger, check us out on Spotify, iTunes, FaceBook etc. Our style: rock/shoegaze/electronic/indie. Our influences include bands like Deerhunter, Beta Band, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, Tame Impala, Arcade Fire, Beck... We've recorded a few new ones with our producer recently as we've changed a fair bit since the album. We'll send the rough mixes of new stuff if you'd like to hear it. We practice most weeks and gig around London quite a bit. Come along for a practice and we can see how it goes!
Location: Lambeth, London SE1 8NA, UK
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Posted: 5 years ago by mollywagger
Tagsindie, folk, electronic, shoegaze