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Description: electronic music producer looking for a vocalist who can sing + yell
Location: Leicester
TagsElectronic, Grunge, Punk, Pop, Rave
Description: I'm a singer-songwriter and poet. I used to run a monthly Poetry and Music night in Islington called 'Until The Light Goes Out'. I kind of have three sounds. One is as a kind of indie-pop singer-songwriter, another is melodic songs with a full arrangement and the third is a growing collection of ideas and songs that are dar... Read more
Location: London
Tagselectronic, indie, pop, acoustic, songwriter

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Description: I'm looking to start a new project. I write and make electronic music. Its lo-fi, poppy, synthy, dreamy. I write on guitar but primarily make music using software. What I can't do is sing, or write lyrics. I'm looking for someone who: - Can sing - Can write lyrics - Can record vocal demos at home to send - H... Read more
Location: London
Views: 103
Posted: 10 months ago by TU2727
Tagssinger, wanted, electronic, band
Description: Gospel Vocalist needed for Gospel album in Stratford ASAP. Please send music you have done to be considered. We will be rehearsing and recording now through the next few months.
Location: London
Views: 165
Posted: 3 years ago by bbsproductions
TagsGospel, R&B, Soul, Pop, Electronic
Description: Looking for a band to gig with, make music, make some dollar with
Location: Porth
Views: 174
Posted: 3 years ago by drummerjoel
TagsIndie, electronic, rock
Description: Hi everyone, I am a songwriter, I play vocals, guitar, bass, I do arrangements and I am able to record new songs for this project and I am looking for a musician and DJ to join me in order to create a fresh-new sound. influences: Daft Punk, Ministry, Chemical Brother, Rammstein, Prodigy... but I am basically looking f... Read more
Location: London
Views: 195
Posted: 3 years ago by PICAH
TagsDJ, Electronic, Metal
Description: Guitarist wanted to complete electronic / post rock / pop / alternative / rock band. Hi! ABOUT US: So we don't neatly categorise into any individual box - we try to write interesting and varied stuff that's (relatively) easily accessible. The drummer uses electronic pads as well as acoustic and rarely plays a 'kick o... Read more
Location: London
Views: 206
Posted: 3 years ago by pauljaswilowicz
TagsGuitarist, Electronic, Post-Rock, Pop, Rock
Description: I am a West London based songwriter who has had 3 EPs with National Airtime. I have just written a new EP which is set for release Oct 29th- I am looking for a band (keys, guitar, percussion, anything ambient and interesting) to play key gig dates with me, and to rehearse and write together when possible. I make ambient pop... Read more
Location: London
Views: 202
Posted: 3 years ago by SylvaFaye
Tagsambient, pop, synth, london, electronic
Description: Chimes seek an experienced Keyboard/Synth Ableton Push player for songwriting, gigging, touring and recording contracts. A fusion of break beat, pop, glitch and house. Influences include: Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Golan, Mac Quayle, Pretty Lights Former member of The Other Tribe (Black Butter/Sony Publishing... Read more
Location: Southampton
Views: 272
Posted: 3 years ago by charlie26289
Tagselectronic, house, edm, break, beat
Description: Hi, I live in N1 & I'm a singer looking to join a band. I am 31, female with a deep voice (I've been compared to Joan Armatrading, Annie Lennox, Sade to give you an idea of voice tone although this isn't the kind of music I'm aiming to do). I write songs as well so would be up for contributing. I want to join a band with... Read more
Location: London
Views: 298
Posted: 5 years ago by Kato
Tagsgrunge, indie, soul, electronic, rock
Description: We're a (mostly) Scottish band based in London looking for a female keys/synth player and vocalist. We've released two singles and one album to date, all on Tirk Records. We get airplay with 6music's Steve Lamacq, as well as Tom Robinson's BBC Introducing. We're called Molly Wagger, check us out on Spotify, iTunes, FaceBook... Read more
Location: London
Views: 436
Posted: 5 years ago by mollywagger
Tagsindie, folk, electronic, shoegaze