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Description: Full time greb.
Location: Nottingham
TagsBass, guitarist, vocals, greb, rock
Description: Hi there! I'm 19 years old and looking to start an pop punk band from the ages of 17-23! I'm currently looking for a guitarist, drummer and bass player to work with, record, write our own songs and practice together. I would love to possibly take this as far as we could, rehearsing as much as possible, as I would love... Read more
Location: Guildford
TagsRock, Punk, Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer
Description: CONTACT US AT [email protected] We need a Lead Guitarist, a Bassist and a Drummer! Preferably a female bassist/drummer but female isn’t necessary, everyone is welcome
Location: Uxbridge
TagsFemale, bassist, drummer, male, guitarist
Description: Slow Transmission is a rock/hard rock group founded on 07/12/19 and as has accumulated over 20,000 streams in 2 months!
Location: Mablethorpe
Tagsguitarist, rock, metal, band, bassist
Description: Hi! I'm looking for people to create a D-Beat/Crust band. I play drums but I'd like to sing and play bass. The rehearsal room must be complete with instruments as I don't own any. I'm available weeks after 4 pm and Saturdays and Sundays all day. I'm originally from Brazil but lived for 13 years in Italy and have been living... Read more
Location: Watford
TagsCrust, D-beat, Vocalist, Bassist, Drummer
Description: Looking for a bassist and drummer - Punk rock/skate punk/political punk - Near Eastbourne Hey All, I'm part of a new punk rock/skate punk/political punk band in the SE - near to Eastbourne. Looking to get gigging in either the Hastings or Brighton areas. We're currently two guitarists of 10+ years who have been writing ... Read more
Location: Polegate
TagsPunk, Bassist, Drummer, Brighton
Description: We are 2 members (lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist (also vocalist)) wanting to start a long term serious band that has intentions of becoming successful and maybe even famous. We want to gig regularly and write our own songs that are original. We want to become the next biggest band.
Location: Leeds
TagsMetal, Rock, Bassist, Drummer, Guitarist
Description: I am a drummer in a band in the making, We have me as the drummer ( Been playing for 15 years aged 20) and a lead guitarist( Been playing for . We are very dedicated on getting started so if you're dedicated on joining a band please drop me a message for more details :)
Location: York
TagsMetal, Rock, Bassest, Vocalist, Rhythm
Description: I’m a bass player and guitarist who wants to play with other musicians and start a band or join one.
Location: Fareham
TagsRock, punk, bass, metal, guitarist
Description: Hi, I'm an improving bassist who wants to be in a piano trio, maybe a quartet with a horn / sax player, to play jazz standards and arrangements of rock / pop / punk songs that I grew up listening to in the 70s and 80s.
Location: London
Tagsbass, piano, drums, jazz, rock

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Description: I've been playing bass for 40+ years now (so you can guess my age) in a number of bands and a variety of styles. Looking to join a 60s band (or anything else exciting) who play a max of 2 gigs a month in the Herts/Beds area. I own a number of different basses (fretted Ibanez, fretless ESP Ltd, Höfner 500/1, acoustic Wash... Read more
Location: Hertfordshire
Views: 4
Posted: 2 days ago by petersu
Tags60s, bass
Description: Bass Player required in the leeds area for an indie rock band
Location: Normanton
Views: 5
Posted: 4 days ago by ascendo
TagsBass, Bassist, Wanted, Leeds
Description: Hey there, my name is Seth and I'm in a band called 'Lizion Knights' we are currently looking for a new bassist & Drummer!!! I saw your ad on here so I decided you check if you're still looking for a band... We have a lot of original material and are looking to take this band as far as we can... The best fit would be someo... Read more
Location: Derby
Views: 28
Posted: 3 weeks ago by dead-rose
Tags#Bassist, #Drummer, #Metal, #Original, #Band
Description: Hey, we're the Black Powder Prophets, a new folky/bluegrassy band thing. We're looking for people preferably under 20 years old who can play cello/bass/violin in bluegrass style. Hopefully this'll be a long-term thing with gigging and album recording etc but who knows. We currently have two members- 1. Jacob, a mediocre s... Read more
Location: Caldicot
Views: 14
Posted: 2 months ago by black-powder-prophets
TagsFolk, Bluegrass, Cello, Bass, Violin
Description: BASSIST WANTED Novustory are looking for a dedicated, talented and fun bassist. This isn’t your ordinary band application. We’re looking for a reliable, dedicated team member who can bring a new and interesting dynamic to Novustory! Here's the list of qualities we are looking for: - At least one weekday practise a we... Read more
Location: Lytham Saint Annes
Views: 17
Posted: 3 months ago by bencrs1991
Tagsbassist, rock, alternate, dedicated, band
Description: Hi, I am a grade 4/5 drummer looking for a guitarist, bassist and vocalist to form a band with. I am currently searching for a bassist from the Burnley/Blackburn area and aged 15-17. Please, if youre interested I'd love to hear from you :) Use email or @the_taboo_music - Instagram :)
Location: Burnley
Views: 20
Posted: 2 months ago by chrisdrums405
TagsBassist, Lancashire, Burnley, Blackburn
Description: Hi there, I'm 19 years old and looking to start an pop punk band from the ages of 17-23! I'm currently looking for a guitarist, drummer and bass player to work with, record, write our own songs and practice together. My biggest musical influences are very much 2000's pop punk, with bands such as My Chemical Romance, A... Read more
Location: Guildford
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Posted: 3 months ago by elliegarrood
TagsPunk, Female, Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer
Description: i am a bassist looking for people to jam with/form a band. have transport can travel~50 miles if needed. ac/dc, sabbath, motorhead, foo fighters, elvis, metallica etc etc. rock n roller check my profile for contact details
Location: Stoke-on-Trent
Views: 25
Posted: 2 months ago by Motorheadrocks
TagsBassist, bass, motorhead, rock, roll
Description: Hey folks, We are currently have two Guitarist/Vocalists and a drummer and just need to find someone to play bass and if they want to, vocals. We are all about 30 so anybody 25+ would be welcome. Must be into pop punk music and either have own gear or be willing to invest in some in the future. Feel free to mess... Read more
Location: Liverpool
Views: 26
Posted: 4 months ago by readyfortomorrow
TagsBass, Player, Pop, Punk, Bassist
Description: Bassist looking for fellow rockers to jam/learn with. I am new to the bass so no one too serious need apply, just looking to have a good time. Stoner friendly and a fan of all kinds of rock, blurs n metal. Have transport will travel! Call or text me on 07543622787
Location: Stoke-on-Trent
Views: 32
Posted: 4 months ago by Motorheadrocks
TagsBassist, bass, MOTORHEAD, beginner, rock