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Description: I’m Jacobi, Drumming is my favourite hobby and I’m looking for more bands to join so I can gig more often. I enjoy creating original music but am also happy to play covers. I enjoy playing music that plays with time signatures. I’ve been playing for 10 years.
Location: Herne Bay
TagsRock, Drummer, Metal, Originals
Description: Everything you need to know about me is on here.
Location: Tavistock
TagsRock', Guitarist, Originals, Devon,
Description: Originals Rock Band , pro 38 years experience recording ,festivals and major artist tour support
Location: Stoke-on-Trent
TagsRock, Metal, Covers, Originals
Description: Hi... I am originally from California, but am now a Brit living in the UK. I've been in garage bands, university bands and acoustic duos. I am a band guy. A team player who likes the partnership of it all. I can sing lead and / or backup. It's all about the song. I am looking for a band that has this kind of outlook. I pla... Read more
Location: Buckhurst Hill
TagsRock, Originals, Melody, Singer, Songwriter
Description: We are a strictly original band featuring dirty riffs and soaring vocals and we need a drummer! Our songs tend towards the political in nature and, lyrically, often use a story telling narrative to achieve this. We are not one of the many bands writing songs about cars and girls (there are enough of those already) and... Read more
Location: Bristol
TagsBristol, Original, Futuristic, Rock, Politics
Description: We are a husband/wife songwriter/singer team performing original songs of very high quality. The songs are unusual in the sense of harkening back to the standards of the best pre-rock pop, with well crafted lyrics and articulated melodies. We need a piano player, who will essentially be our lead instrumetnalist.
Location: Greater London
TagsRock, Pop, Original
Description: Risin Tides are an original rock band from the north of the UK, with influences from the 80s and 90s, they are playing gigs around Manchester and surrounding areas. Comprising of big guitar riffs and classic keyboard, the band is topped off by 4 part harmonies throughout their set.
TagsAOR, Rock, Original, Band

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Description: Im a 20 year old metal drummer looking to create or join a metal band to write original music and play a few covers, I'm into genres of metal ranging from thrash to black metal and i'd like to write music taking inspiration from bands such as Metallica, Gojira, Strapping Yound Lad, Mgla, Kriegsmaschine, Katatonia.
Location: Jarrow
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Posted: 8 months ago by yiannisdh
TagsMetal, Drummer, Original, Cover, Newcastle
Description: We are looking to form a full 5-piece rock n roll band with committed and passionate individuals to perform live shows all around London. We are looking for a Bassist who can hold down a beat like Cliff Williams and is as badass as Nikki Sixx. We believe classic rock n roll and blues is something that is missing in our worl... Read more
Location: London
Views: 117
Posted: 10 months ago by ckern
TagsBass, Music, New-Band, Original, London
Description: We are looking to form a full 5-piece rock n roll band with committed and passionate individuals to perform live shows all around London. We are looking for a Drummer who can hold a beat and also contribute great, creative, sexy fills to the overall sound! We believe classic rock n roll and blues is something that is missin... Read more
Location: London
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Posted: 10 months ago by ckern
TagsMusic, Band, New-Band, Blues, Original
Description: Thanks for checking out the ad. The band have been playing together for over a year prior to COVID 19. We've played a few gigs and have a decent repertoire of covers and originals. Check out our links below YouTube: SoundCloud: Read more
Location: Croydon
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Posted: 1 year ago by jordan_rutland
Tagsrock, indie, originals, covers
Description: Hey there, my name is Seth and I'm in a band called 'Lizion Knights' we are currently looking for a new bassist & Drummer!!! I saw your ad on here so I decided you check if you're still looking for a band... We have a lot of original material and are looking to take this band as far as we can... The best fit would be someo... Read more
Location: Derby
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Posted: 1 year ago by dead-rose
Tags#Bassist, #Drummer, #Metal, #Original, #Band
Description: Looking for drummer – rock/metal original material act. Vacancy is for a Glasgow based rock & metal originals project called Sloan and The First Gentlemen, currently with guitar/vocals & bass. The aim is to gig & promote (when allowed again) 1 already recorded album of solo material with a view to collaborating on more or... Read more
Location: Glasgow
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Posted: 1 year ago by sloanrw
TagsRock, Metal, Drummer, Originals
Description: Hey all! My name is Mike, I’m 35 and looking to get back out there for rehearsals and gigging. I’ve covered most genres except metal, but willing to give anything a go. I don’t care if it’s covers, originals or just wanting to dust the gear off and get some tunes out there. Anyone fancy it?
Location: Snodland
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Posted: 1 year ago by mikst85
TagsRhythm, guitar, originals, covers, band
Description: vocalist required for pro band gigs waiting, must have own transport and be able to work a crowd
Location: Stoke-on-Trent
Views: 180
Posted: 2 years ago by hollowpoint-rock
Tagsrock, metal, covers, originals, vocals
Description: Singer wanted for established originals band (male or female). We've had a lot interest since we originally posted in the summer but nothing has worked out so we are advertising again. Briefly, we are signed to digital distributor AWAL and released an EP on Spotify iTunes TIDAL etc. Our next step is to record an album an... Read more
Location: Sunderland
Views: 364
Posted: 4 years ago by cazimi
Tagsrock, blues, indie, original
Description: London based Hard Rock band Kasai (formerly known as The Juice/ Jay Serrao and The Juice) are looking for a new bassist. We’re committed to writing good music and playing good shows. We are currently in the latter stages of writing a new album (recording to happen in the spring) and have a couple of gigs booked with ... Read more
Location: Beckenham
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Posted: 5 years ago by Kasai
TagsRock, Bassist, Originals, London